Hands down, the best tours in New York City.

We even say it in our name. 

Almost 3 million people who live in Brooklyn, the hippest part of NYC, must be doing something pretty darn interesting. Not to mention the architecture, history, art, food and fun contained in this massively diverse borough of New York City. Graffiti art to Egyptian mummies. Pizza perfection and meat in tube form (hot dogs) that defy comparison.

At 390 years old, downtown Manhattan boasts some of the most culturally significant and exciting areas of New York City. The largest Chinatown outside of Beijing. 1892 style cannolis in Little Italy. The posh designer shopping of SoHo. Harbor views and the seaport. The hip bohemian landscape of the village. The man made canyons of Wall Street. A somber reflection at Ground Zero. More than enough memories to last a lifetime.

Glaciers. A word that is not usually associated with the Island of Manhattan. Much of Manhattan was formed during the little ice age 15,000 years ago. Stevie Wonder and James Brown got their start at the Apollo Theater. Ulysses S. Grant and Bono from U2 have made it their home. Central Park’s meadows and mountains. Hills as steep as San Francisco. Mansions within blocks of brownstone walk-ups. It will all stun you!

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Full of facts, history, humour and had the best “fillers” that made our tour so much more interesting and memorable...Shelly, you should be considered to be an ambassador to your city!!
— Sue F
This was a highlight of our NYC visit. We had Shelly as our guide and he did a terrific job. It was like tour with your favorite Uncle. We hit many of the highlights in the City. Such as Top of the Rock, Union Station ,Central Park, etc. We felt like a local the whole time.
— Bill C