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I am all about one word with 3 letters - F U N !

My life goal has always been to maximize the fun experiences that fill my life - with my family as well as my guests.

Having traveled extensively in America (all 50 states) and quite a bit of the world as well, I have taken my share of guided tours. The guided tours that were certainly the most memorable were the tours that struck a balance between learning and fun. The tour guides who rattled off scripts were boring and forgettable. The unforgettable tour guides were: long-time local residents, who spoke from the heart, who engaged us as guests and as friends, focused in on our interests, and at the same time managed to make us laugh and enjoy ourselves. 

I learned quite a bit from those memorable experiences.

I love this city and its environs and my family and I have spent our entire lives here. Unlike so many who live here in the New York metro area, I constantly take advantage of the incredible myriad of experiences available here. Shows, sights, scenery, views, museums, festivals, neighborhoods, seasonal and yearly events and so much more!

I never tire of this great city and I am relentlessly enthusiastic in promoting its greatness and try to impart this enthusiasm that is truly heart-felt to all guests that I have the privilege to tour. 

NYC is truly an amazing experience on a daily basis. Believe it or not, I still get the same enormous thrill and surge of energy every time I emerge from a subway on my way to anywhere in NYC. I have felt that adrenaline rush since I was a kid growing up dirt poor in Brooklyn.

As a child, though we had no money to vacation or travel elsewhere, my mom would make sure to take myself and my two siblings every Sunday to a museum, zoo, park, event, festival, beach, or another one of the fascinating destinations within reach of a Subway.  The fare was only 10 cents for my mom and free for kids at the time. Most parks, zoos, and museums back then were free as well. I didn't know it at the time, but my young mind was absorbing it all and these experiences were setting me up for a life-long desire and appreciation for travel.

Touring guests privately in all parts of this city, including Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island is a great thrill for me. I feel I am the luckiest guy in NYC that I get to spend my time essentially on vacation with my guests for the day and having an awesomely fun time doing so. The interactivity, the curiosity, and the enthusiastic participation of my guests make my job so much more rewarding and fun. Customizing tours to specific interests and locales satisfies my need to constantly be creative. I get so much pleasure from experiencing memorable moments in history, architecture sights and sounds, food unique to NYC, and spectacular views WITH YOU. 

Please join me on an unforgettable adventure you will keep with you for a lifetime.

Thanks for reading.