Soar along with the endless skyscrapers and countless fast-moving natives in what many consider to be the center-of-the-world. The attractions are infinite and the views are legendary. You will experience as much of it as you can handle. Midtown Manhattan needs to be felt, inhaled, and experienced first hand, up-close.

The oldest part of Manhattan can still impress with awesome architecture, both classic & modern. Incredibly diverse with great history, cutting edge food venues, and filled with amazing true stories that regularly spawn Hollywood films, Downtown Manhattan enjoys a special place on the Planet. A unique heady mix of stunning energy, history, and power. Not to mention, Ground Zero, where history was changed forever. 


Graffiti art to Egyptian mummies. Pizza perfection and meat in tube form (hot dogs) that defy comparison. Gorgeous vistas and neighborhood views. Revolutionary War sites and hip-hop history. Stand at the foot of the striking 1883 Brooklyn Bridge. Yeah, that's what Brooklyn is all about, and more. Enjoy it with a real Brooklynite.

You will be constantly surprise throughout your customized tour of upper Manhattan- scenic views, enormous important History, the ultra rich to the ultra poor. Museums of every description and a Church that will stun you. Meadows and Mountains. San Francisco comes to NYC. Mansions and tenement house walk-ups. The North Woods and the Meadows of a unique and special park. Unforgettable.