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Brooklyn's in Da House! This huge part of NYC is what formed me and continues to occupy a very special place in my heart.

If you want to see the most populous and diverse borough in NYC with a true lifetime native, you have found the place !

Magnificent brownstones on cliffs overlooking the spectacular NYC Harbor. The massive first battle in the Revolutionary War. Incredible NY Pizza. Odessa by the sea emulates the Russian Black Sea experience. Gateway National Park. Coney Island Amusements and beautiful beaches. Longest Suspension Bridge on earth. A park that rivals Central Park. A world class Japanese garden. Egyptian mummies and a stunning museum on a street designed to be Brooklyn version of the Champs De Elysee. The hipster center of the universe. Cheesecake so good that it might cause you to move permanently to NYC.

Brooklyn is so amazingly diverse, Fugghedabout it!


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A Taste of the Best Brooklyn Tour

  •    Brooklyn Bridge Park
  •    Brooklyn Heights
  •    Park Slope
  •    Williamsburg
  •    Brooklyn Cheesecake
  •    Brooklyn Pizza
  •    Coney Island
  •    Revolutionary War Sites
  •    Skyline Views
  •    And Much More!