A Guide to Choosing a Tour Guide in NYC

It's not that simple.

A really knowledgeable New York City Guide are far fewer in number than a visitor might expect. Sure, there are literally hundreds of NYC Sightseeing Tours, NYC Tour Guides, and general NYC Tours, but.... how many  New York City Guides know what they are talking about, let alone entertaining and fun while doing so ?

As a life-long NYC resident, I had absorbed a heck of a lot of New York City stories ( having lived through a number of strange stories myself) and had the good fortune to have been blessed with a pretty good memory. In the past, over many years, I had shown a fair number of friends and  relatives around large chunks of NYC as a kind of de facto unofficial New York City Sightseeing Tour Guide. 

When I finally decided to take the plunge into being a full-time NYC Tour Guide, I wanted to choose a name that "Best" reflected what I was trying to accomplish -  that is - give the Best NYC Tours that were available within the large  NYC Sightseeing Tours "industry".

I spent a good amount of time, prior to launching my NYC Tour Guide business riding along on various NYC Sightseeing Tours with literally dozens of New York City Tour Guides, listening to their spiels, methodology, banter, facts, storiesand general views of a NYC Tour should be about.

I came away realizing that, of the dozens of New York City Tours I had  experienced, there were only a handful at best that were entertaining, informative, fun, and worth my time. Worse, so many of the NYC Sightseeing Tours and  NYC Tour Guides I had listened to were simply wrong about so many things.  Often, facts about NYC were just so wrong and inaccurate. Other times,  a New York City Guide was so boring and would often drone on incessantly to the point that I would want to run from the vehicle or would almost nod off.

It became enormously clear within a couple of months, if I were to open a business providing NYC Tours, I would have to be truly different to stand out. I knew that I had to strive to provide the BEST NYC Tours.

Easy to aspire to, but not so easy to accomplish. 

I realized that what was usually missing from the dozens of Sightseeing Tours NYC I had joined -  2 major components of any enjoyable tour tour were:  True to Life  stories and FUN.

Any decent NYC Tour and any decent sightseeing tour of NYC should include some facts and figures to impress, but a NYC Sightseeing Tour should mostly be about interesting and fascinating true stories combined with a good sense of humor and even a dose of some awesome NYC food !

I quickly learned that I was on the right track in what I thought might make a better NYC Tour and the best New York tours.

In the first month of operation I garnered about 17 outstanding reviews and have not stopped trying to give the best New York City tours.

My son, who is a business genius, made an enormous effort to help me not only name my new website, but he put the whole site together using my content.

Amazingly, my website name - Best New York Tours - had not been snapped up previously - and it dovetails beautifully with what my stated goals are:

To provide the Best New York Tour experience possible.